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We happened to think that the church could get it done, so we did something about helping them along.

In World War One the motto on a British soldier’s insignia stated ‘For God, King and Country’. It was a mantra that mobilised one of the greatest single efforts of man in history against a common enemy toward a common good.

It reminded the men in trenches that their cause was a high one, providing them with a sense of purpose and duty amidst incredible personal sacrifice and suffering during the fog of war. We wanted a name that similarly called a group of people, the some 2 billion Christians around the world, to a singularly high cause and purpose that transcends their comfort and calls them to mobilisation and sacrifice against a common enemy, toward a common and greater good.

We wanted a name that would resonate with Christians and the church where scripture refers to God as King and calls us in humility to lay down our crowns in service of His. That’s the waxing lyrical version of our name anyway.



All the way from founders to investors

We are the church just like you. We have been pastors, elders, church members, missionaries, and have worked for Christian organisations. Likewise all of our investors are Christians who are involved because they love the church.


We are committed to solving global problems

The UN has calculated that the cost of solving the worlds biggest problems, food, water, immunisation, infant mortality and education for the poorest 3 billion is $51 Billion. The church gives $2.2 Trillion a year. We believe together, it’s a solvable problem.


We are committed to tithing out of the company

We believe in leading by example.  We can’t ask others to give generously if we aren’t going to lead in that. We are committed to using 10% of our profits to funding the work of the church locally and globally to see the gospel advance.


We believe climate change is a social justice issue

The way we see it, climate change is social justice issue & is something that the church should care deeply about.  We are committed to using renewables, maintaining a green office & working with partners & service providers who do likewise.

Once upon a time...



in 2014 White Horse Church, a church plant started by our founder, set about fundraising for church planting and a number of other initiatives both locally and around the world we were involved in.  We wanted to continue a great work that had already started seeing people come to Christ and his name be made great in every corner of the world through this local church plant. As programers, designers, marketers and innovators who were also pastors, we found that the process of fundraising for churches and church projects was far more difficult than it should be given the significant growth of the church around the world. A great fundraising website, prospectus, good connections and still the process proved incredibly difficult. As we looked around we saw this same problem over and over again with other churches, charities and individuals all around the world. Great work being stifled by lack of resources to either continue or expand.

Every great endeavour requires 3 essential ingredients, mind, money and manpower.

The problem was 3 fold (not withstanding the work of the Holy Spirit in the mix of this) and identical to the problem surrounding startups and tech innovation. Every great endeavour requires 3 essential ingredients, mind, money and manpower. There has to be the great idea, enough money to execute the idea, and the human capital to be able to pull it off. While the tech industry had recognised this problem and has made significant headway in increasing the likelihood of success of great endeavours, through Venture Capital funds, crowd funding, incubators and the like, far less has been done in the church globally in creating such opportunities. Every failing church, struggling ministry, or church innovation that wasn’t getting traction lacked one of these core ingredients. It seemed to us that these 3 things were not evenly distributed throughout the church around the world and the process of connecting them was almost entirely absent, fragmented or overly localised in a now fast paced global, hyper connected world. The church global simply lacked the agility to be able to rapidly act together. Some churches had ample resources and lots of people but lacked vision. Some had great vision but lacked either the right people or financial resources to be able to execute. This leads to great work suffering and great potential being squandered. In the first case, rather than money being mobilised behind vision it is spent on projects that barely advance the kingdom, and in the former, the great innovations of the church never see the light of day. Quite apart from the local church, there is the pain and suffering globally that was going unaddressed. The UN estimates that the un-met cost of providing food, water, education, immunisation, solving infant mortality, for the poorest 3 billion is $51 Billion. This seemed to us to be an inherently solvable problem already costed and laid out with something like a plan.

Every year Christians give $2.2 Trillion. In the USA alone, 2-3% of GDP is given in tax deductible giving to christian based organisations and churches.

The problem isn’t that the money isn’t there, every year Christians give $2.2 Trillion.  The $51 Billion dollar problem is solvable, and by the church.  Imagine being able to say together as a church, we solved drinking water, we solved food, we solved infant mortality.  What could that do for gospel ministry let alone human flourishing and dignity?  The problem isn’t that the money isn’t there, it was increasingly apparent that this money wasn’t being utilised in the most effective way in terms of impact. We also believed that this figure could be far higher, given that most Christians only give 1-2%.  If the process of finding projects people personally connected with and believed in was easier we believe people would turn out and give. Similarly that people would rally behind great work in the church either in person or in prayer, if they simply knew what was happening around the globe and if they knew that their friends were also engaged in the projects. There are incredible stories, that are not being told, shared and backed. In the first century, Paul discovers that the exact same problem existed. There was plenty of money around, well sufficient for the work that was at hand in terms of taking the gospel forward, but instead of being out on mission, Paul had to frequently petition churches in one region, to support the work in another taking our star player out of the game for extended periods. In 2000 years the process has barely changed and in some ways it has gotten worse with scale, as the church grew, the disconnectedness between churches has also grown, especially at the level of brand (denomination, network etc.) but far, far less at the level of the pew. The confusion around core business has grown, the doubling up of work, the wasting of resources, the lack in many areas while a squandered and untapped abundance sits under-utilised in others. As the church has spread around the world, the singleness of vision and solidarity of the cause of Christ and the forward movement of the gospel has become increasingly spread, fragmented and muddied.

What we could achieve together became such a compelling idea for us that it meant we weren’t looking at a way to fundraise for our church plant any more, but rather a way draw the church together and realise the great vision of Jesus for his church, a church against which the gates of hell would not prevail.

We started to wonder if it wasn’t possible to create a space for organisations to collaborate around redeeming whole regions rather than trip over each other or double up in an unhelpful way, for missionaries to combine and consolidate efforts to reach entire cities in a far more structured way, for the church far and wide to be made smaller, closer, and more unified, and the distribution of these three essential ingredients, mind, money and manpower to be more effectively engaged for the benefit of the whole church to make a single dent in history together. We started to imagine a place where every missionary, organisation, local church, church plant, need, resource, idea and innovation would meet, join efforts, prayers and resources together to create a single movement of Jesus, through the church and all its people across the globe. A place were mind, money and manpower collaborated together to see churches planted, missionaries sent, innovation realised, local projects funded and the church around the world become the church together with a single mission, and cause. What problem in the world couldn’t be overcome if the church truely rallied together. What disease couldn’t be cured? What corner couldn’t be reached with the gospel? What great problem facing the world wouldn’t be met headlong by the church and the church alone? What we could achieve together became such a compelling idea for us that it meant we weren’t looking at a way to fundraise for our church plant any more, but rather a way draw the church together and realise the great vision of Jesus for his church, a church against the gates of hell would not prevail.

It is going to take all of us to change the world, working in unison, and we are seeking to provide the platform and tools for that change to happen.

We began to see the need for a platform and a series of tools for the collaboration and partnership of the whole church everywhere. A global revolution. An assembly of the true and the brave, for king and for crown. This project marks the beginning of that journey and the first step of many toward realising our vision of seeing the church all around the world having a single purpose, identity and cause. A single move of God sweeping over the entire globe where everyplace that our users touch are changed forever and for good with a single name left behind, Jesus Christ, because it was all of his church that did it. Let’s start something that changes everything. It is going to take all of us to change the world, working in unison, and we are seeking to provide the platform and tools for that change to happen.

Welcome to King and Crown.
We are all about Jesus!


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