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Start with a great resume

A great resume is a valuable tool for taking steps forward in your working life. It’s a key document for job applications and a way to showcase your skills, experience and achievements to potential employers.

It’s best to think of your resume as a summary that shows why you’d be a good match for a role, rather than your whole career history – it needs to capture a potential employer’s interest quickly. Make sure you address the key points of the job ad and that your skills are laid out to match the ones in the ad. A great resume does this by highlighting your achievements and offering a clear snapshot of your key skills and experience.

A blank page can be a daunting way to start so we’ve come up with these simple, professional templates to get you on your way.

Free Resume Template

We also allow you to create your resume directly in the Dashboard->Jobs->Resume section.  Doing so will allow you to apply for jobs without having to upload a new resume each time.  Not only that but you can store as many versions of your resume as you like, so you can always be putting the best resume forward.

Add a perfect cover letter

A cover letter is all about making a great first impression, and giving your job application the best chance of making progress.

Think of your cover letter as a pitch – a way to introduce yourself professionally and show the value you could bring to the role you’re applying for. Your resume is there to document your skills, experience and achievements, but your cover letter sums these things up in a way that matches the job and offers a sense of who you are.

It’s also your chance to show why you’re interested in the particular role, and that you’ve done your research about the company or organisation. A well-written cover letter will encourage a potential employer to read through to your resume and get in touch to find out more or set up an interview.

We’ve come up with a template to make it much simpler for you to get this all down on paper. Use it as your starting point and you’ll be on track to a great cover letter that will get your application noticed.

Free Cover Letter Template

The only thing left to do is resign

Getting ready to resign from a role? Putting this in writing is an important step. No matter your reason, going on good terms can make for a smoother transition and help you again down the track – and your resignation letter is part of leaving on a positive note.

First, sit down with your boss or manager for a one-on-one chat, to tell them that you’re leaving and give your notice.

Next, you’ll need to write the letter to formalise your resignation. The letter needs to provide the date of your last day of employment, so it’s best to check your contract to make sure you’re giving enough notice. A resignation letter is an official document so be sure to keep a copy for yourself.

While it’s official, it doesn’t need to be long or complicated. It’s your opportunity to state that you’re resigning, acknowledge the positives including opportunities or experiences you had in your role, and say thanks. It’s always best to steer clear of anything negative here.

To make it easier for you, we’ve come up with this template for a simple, positive and professional resignation letter. Use it as the starting point for your own letter, and you’ll be ready to leave on a good note and take your next step.

Free Resignation Letter Template

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