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  • From Desk Work To Being A Doctor In The Jungle


    Henry David Thoreau is quoted as saying "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation and die with their song still inside them". Some of you will be ...

  • Go Half Or Go Home


    We live in a society that has engineered us to believe that the right thing to do is claw our way to the top at any cost. We are ...

  • Being Your Pastor Just Got Harder


    Being a pastor is a pretty sweet job right? You basically only have to work on Sundays, and then its only half a days work as you get up ...

  • Set Yourself Up For Work From Home


    Working from home, what a dream!  Right!?  Ditch the early morning commute, work in your PJ's all day, get visits from your cat/dog and dance stupid dances around the ...

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