Sylar, the border collie, has his own mansion along with a trampoline and indoor pool. The dog’s adorable features, along with his notable intelligence, earned his owner’s devotion along with many social media fans.

Sylar’s mansion, where other pets can visit and indulge in expensive spa-like treatments such as massages, drew the media’s attention to the increased spending in China on pet-related services. The Chinese are forecast to spend about US$2.6 billion on their pets by 2019 – a 50 percent increase from 2016.

Maybe Jesus should have said "love your neighbour as you love your pets"

This, however, pales in comparison with what Americans spend on their pets annually. This year alone, pet spending in the U.S. is estimated to exceed $72 billion, which is more than the combined GDP of the 39 poorest countries in the world.

Need more perspective? Add up the 2018 annual budgets of the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Interior and Labor and Transportation—and toss in NASA’s estimated spend for that year and the number still won’t match what we will drop on Fido and Fluffy this year.

Jesus should have used the kitten parable

Maybe Jesus should have said “love your neighbour as you love your pets”, and that may have landed a little more concretely to a society that can watch kids go hungry while the US alone will spend $440 million on pet costumes over Halloween. Not saying that your shitzu dressed like a pumpkin wouldn’t be cute, I am just saying it was probably cute without the costume while the child without food will still be hungry without someone feeding them. They are also way cuter when they aren’t starving to death, but its ok, because our puppies are dressed like pumpkins.

The UN estimates that the total cost gap for feeding the hungry, providing water to the thirsty, medication and immunisation to the unnecessarily dying, education for the under-educated, in the developing world is $51 Billion. So we have some thinking and likely some explaining to do. In the very least we have to stop making excuses for our lack of remedy for those crying out for justice and provision.

Some people have to choose which of their kids will eat

Just take a moment and imagine how different the world could be if we just showed the love to those in need that we are willing to show to our pets. What might taking 50% of that pet love and showering it on those in need look like. It would look like a world transformed. Imagine having to choose which of your kids will have to starve to death. That is a significantly harder decision than what pet costume your dog will wear. We would still have cute if not slightly less extreme cat videos on YouTube, but we would also have families that once had to chose which of their kids to feed shifting to choosing which school they were going to enrol all their kids in. That sounds like an incredible and hopeful future.

Imagine having to choose which of your kids will have to starve to death.

Love your pet, but let the gospel move your heart to love your neighbour too, and hopefully, prayerfully more than you love your pet.  This site is built so that together we can do exactly that.

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